Toilet bowl water level very low


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Toilet bowl water level very low

All of a sudden, my toilet water bowl level dropped down significantly. It's roughly at 10-15% of the normal. I'm not sure what's causing this, but everything appears to be functional. The tank seems to be at normal levels and nothing stands out as the problem. It flushes as normal as well.

Is this temporary? Should I be concerned? Is there a way to diagnose the problem and fix it?

Thanks in advance.
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As the tank refills..... water is also sent thru the fill tube to the bowl. Make sure the hose is in place and that there is water actually coming out of it.

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If the toilet was just sitting there not being used and the level went down.... then you may have a vent issue and the water is getting sucked out of the toilet.
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Thanks PJmax! It was the fill tube, which was loose and shifted from it's place.

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