Cannot remove faucet handle - Symmons


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Angry Cannot remove faucet handle - Symmons

Our shower faucet has been leaking worse and worse so I decided to take a look at it today. The only identifying information I can find on the handle is:
Symmons Temptrol Model A
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I have no idea how long this shower/faucet system has been in place. My wife and I are in our mid-50s and she thinks she was about 9 when her dad installed it. Regardless, I cannot find this particular model on the Symmons site at all.

I shut off the water supply to the faucet then went about removing the handle to see whether it was a simple fix or if we were going to need to replace the whole thing. That's about as far as I have gotten, but here are the steps I've taken so far:
  • Shut off both hot & cold water supply
  • Popped off the center cover to remove the screw holding the faucet handle
  • Removed the screw
  • Tried pulling/prying gently yet forcefully but handle did not move
  • Bought a faucet handle tool at Home Depot but only succeeded in bending the handle itself. Still no movement
  • Soaked the handle and shaft with Lime Away. Let sit for about an hour
  • Tried again but still no movement at all
  • Used a mirror to visually inspect behind handle to see if there were any set screws. There are none I could see.
  • Cursed a lot

Definitely will appreciate any help y'all can throw at me!
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Handle just pulls straight out.
Should have backed the screw out a few turns and used that to center and give the puller something to push against.
Looks like you may need a three jaw puller to get it off, not a two jaw.
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Sometimes lightly tapping the knob toward the wall will break it loose. Gentle taps.

Wouldn't hurt anything to try a shot of PB Blaster or similar penetrating oil either. Both from the back, and down the screw hole area.
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Thanks. I tried leaving the screw as you suggest and that had no effect either. Guess I'll look downstairs to try to find a 3-jawed puller. Thought I saw one when we were clearing out the basement a few weeks ago.

I read on another forum ( that, over time, this particular faucet has a habit of "fusing" the handle to the spindle as a result of over-tightening handle during shutoff in attempts to stop the leak.

The recommended solution is to "rock the handle back and forth with a pair of channel locks until it snaps off," then just rebuild the faucet valves, etc. using a Symmons kit.

Don't know whether that's where I'm headed yet.....

Thanks again. Will report back.

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