Recycle Uninstalled Walk-In Tub


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Recycle Uninstalled Walk-In Tub

I have a walk-in tub from a recent remodel - Independent Living Presidential model and am looking to recycle it. In very good condition. Does anyone know if it has any value beyond scrap? I posted it on craigslist a while back and got nada. Thinking a more professional forum might better.

(Not asking for buyers here just trying to determine value/what to do with it)


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At the very least, if you can't sell it, I would contact Habitat For Humanity or other community programs. They won't purchase it but will put it to good use and save you the trouble of disposal.
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The one thing that is not covered in the advertising of these tubs is that you must be inside the tub, door closed, in order to fill it up. You could cook supper by the time it filled up. Then once it is filled, your water heater is out of hot water supply, so you may have only cold water left. When your relaxing jaunt is over, you have to wait until it completely empties before you can open the door to escape.

This alone would shy me away from it. Possibly that is why you have it as a reject from a remodel.
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Not to mention those really nice massage jets most of them have that cool the water twice as fast!
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Hadn't thought of that. Sounds like they need an air (water) lock! I just figured there were some folks out there who couldn't use a regular tub/shower who would appreciate the savings a used one offered. Been sitting in my garage a while now though.
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Habitat for Humanity or similar....take a tax write off. No one is going to pay close what it cost originally.

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