Need Shower repair help - basin drains on its own


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Need Shower repair help - basin drains on its own

So I have this guest shower that never really gets used. But now my baby is ready to sit in a tub on her own and the problem is the tub drains, even with the stopper in place. Additionally, the temperature gauge on the faucet controller is loose - so it kind of pops out of place, and then you cant really tell where the temperature range is supposed to be. You can pop it in and turn it so that the temperature still goes up or down, you just don't really have an idea where its at on the range. I have attached some pictures that hopefully are easy to see what im talking about.

I have never worked on fixing showers or drains and im not really sure what or how to fix this problem. Can the faucet controller/temperature gauge be removed completely and replaced easily enough? or if removing it isn't the best idea, is there an easy way to fix that loose gauge? Is it possible to/how do i adjust the stopper so that the basin stops draining?

Thanks for the help!
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Welcome to the forums!

On those style delta shower valves the temp control handle snaps over a plate that mounts to the valve. If you pull on the side of the handle opposite the pointer, you should be able to pop the handle off. Then check the screw that holds the plate onto the valve and make sure it's tight. You replace the handle by engaging the side with the pointer and then snapping the other side on.

If you search for delta shower faucet and pick one similar to yours, you can look up the install instructions at Delta's web site if you need better instructions.

For the drain, remove the two screws securing the drain lever and lift out the assembly. You will find attached to the back of the lever a series of rods that extend down the overflow tube. Pull them out. At the end will be a tube assembly that actually closes off the drain. You'll probably find it caked with crud and hair that is preventing it from closing. Clean it off. While you have it out, remove the screw holding the drain strainer on, and remove the strainer. Pull out any gunk and hair you can see from there, and run the water for a while to flush it out good. Reinstall the strainer and the stopper assembly and hopefully it will now close for you.

Good Luck!
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The temperature handle on the trim kit just snaps in place. If it is loose it may have a broken tab on it. Take these pictures to a supply house or contact delta for a replacement. Many times they are free as part of a lifetime warranty. You can also adjust the amount of hot water delivered as well. There are adjustment gears under the handle. Let us know if you need to tone down the water heat a little (or vice versa).

I would do as previously advised and pull the overlflow/stopper assembly out of the tube and check for obstructions. You may need to feed a snake down the overflow to clear a hair clog.
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Awesome thanks so much for the quick and helpful replies! This sounds easy enough, should be fixed in no time! thanks again
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