Tub drain choices, things have change apparently, need advice


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Tub drain choices, things have change apparently, need advice

The last time I did a tub, everyone had a mechanical lever that closed the drain. Today it's foot actuated, cable actuated, or I guess still a mechanical version. What would you consider "current version"? Any advantages to either version?
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I got tired of having to disassemble the mechanical style every couple of months to clean out hair and gunk (My wife has hair...I have gunk ). So I put in the foot operated style. I found that it drained more slowly because it's just a small gap under the seal when opened, but that wasn't too big a deal. But then I had other problems with it. First, it collects hair and gunk too. No surprise there and at least it's easier to clean by just unscrewing it. But then the X shaped insert that it screws into cracked. (It's pretty flimsy because if it was beefy it would block too much of the drain). I replaced it and the replacement also cracked after a few months.

Maybe the brand I used was just junk (I don't remember the brand, but it was all metal and seemed to be reasonable quality). But I went back to the mechanical type.

No experience with the cable release types.
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I always just preferred a simple rubber stopper on a chain. If your too lazy to put a rubber stopper in the hole maybe you should take showers.

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I have a Geberit cable-operated BWO (Bath, Waste, Overflow) on my whirlpool tub and it works quite well. Mine is the turn-knob style although they also make a push-button style with the button at the overflow face plate. The stopper itself is metal and has an adjustment so it can be set for maximum opening. Stopper also simply lifts out for cleaning when necessary, at least on mine. Mine drains the tub very fast considering the amount of water.

They are not cheap! Suggested list prices at the Geberit site will probably scare you away but doing a fair amount of Googling should get the price down considerably.

Traditional TurnControl BWO > Bathtubs > Products , Geberit United States
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Trip lever is the most common type. The problem with that is it can calcify and the plug or cylinder will stick in the open, closed or half way between if not used on a regular basis.
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