Garbage disposal too low


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Garbage disposal too low

Bought our house a month ago, everything was great until my wife heard water dripping under the kitchen sink. I had rotated the garbage disposal slightly and unknowingly loosened the P-trap "extension" going to the drain pipe (since the end going into the short side of the trap is basically just wedged in).

After doing the research, I now know my options are:
1) Lower the drain pipe
2) Install a more shallow sink/garbage disposal with a higher drain outlet
3) Lose the disposal completely

#1 is probably not an option, mostly because I figure it will be the most costly.
#2 may be an option but I'm guessing costly.
#3 is out of the running because my wife wants to keep the garbage disposal.

I was thinking of running the garbage disposal across to the other drain and just lowering the P-trap but it seems like too much distance between the drain on the right and the lower drain pipe (and I know to cap the drain pipe on the right).

At this point, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this--could be an easy solution but I'm not experienced enough to see it.


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The trap heights are a problem. Ideally you would open the wall and have a single tee. If you don't want to do that, I recommend this:

- New disposer. The ISE Compact Evolution series has one of the highest discharge outlets.
- In addition to the new disposer, you need to move the disposer to the right sink bowl.

Once that is done, you will use the lower trap only and cap off the upper. This isn't the easiest hook up so once you have the disposer in place you can get help here on connecting to the trap and left bowl.

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Some here would recommend just doing away with the garbage disposal. If you do that as Brian suggested cap the upper drain connection and just use the lower one.
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