Fitting a bathtub the "wrong way" around?

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Fitting a bathtub the "wrong way" around?

We just bought a house and are doing some remodelling, including removing the 50 yr old bath and tiles etc. I'm building a frame and using a lightweight acrylic drop-in bathtub from Kohler (K-1184)
This is reversible and can mount with adhesive on its 4 feet according to Kohler.

The problem I have is that the "relaxing end" is right next to the toilet, which wont be too nice.
To get around this I want to rotate the bath install 180 degrees so that the "relaxing end" is next to the wall instead.

I can lift the bath up with woodwork under its feet and this will open up a space under the bath to run the drain.
My idea is to come off the bath drain, run through an elbow to come out sideways, then run through another elbow set at an angle to a 4' long pipe. This then goes through another pair of elbows into the drain in the floor.

A sketch of the side is here:
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Has anyone done something similar? The bath drain is the lowest point in the bath so the waste water should follow the pipework down ok.
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I'm thinking it will be difficult to clean the trap if it ever becomes clogged. Can you open up the floor and move the trap to the drain end of the tub?
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It should work, although it will drain slow due to all the elbows, and the elbows will be clog magnets too. I'd definitely figure out a way to have a cleanout as close to the tub drain as possible.

What's underneath and which way does the framing run? It would be better to move the drain underneath if at all possible.
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Not easy but swapping the toilet and lavatory if they are on the same wall might be a another option.
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I have 2 tubs with over 10ft from the tub drain to the trap. Never noticed that they've drained more slowly than any other tub. Any chance you can avoid most of the elbows and curve the pipe?

Edit: Isn't the bigger problem that the tub would fill from the "relaxing side"? I think that's usually the reason that tub drains are against the wall.
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Wow thanks for all the super fast responses!

I have an access plate in the wall behind where the drain goes into the floor, so I will have access from both ends so to speak. Is the final coupling usually a compression fitting?

I'm going to mount the taps in the middle of the bath, on the long wall so we wont bang heads at the relaxing end. That's why that side of the bath is unfinished, as I will complete it with cement board and tile over.
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Paul's answer is spot on. I have similar situation and the tub does drain slow. I thought it was a clog but after a remodel no difference and it's due to the long drain.
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Drop in tubs usually have the spout and handle mounted on the rim of the tub or on the deck not out of the wall. Look into Roman Tub Faucets. You also will be mounted in a frame, so there should be sufficient stand off to put the relaxing end near the toilet without issue.

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