Need Advice - Bathtub finishing flaking while drying.


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Need Advice - Bathtub finishing flaking while drying.

Hello Community!

I'm new to the forums and to reglazing bathtubs. I'm refinishing our spare bathroom tub and i'm having an issue; not really sure what to do

I purchased Rust-Oleum Tub&Tile Refinishing Kit. I followed the directions on the box; cleaning, sanding, drying, then brushing it on. I applied the first coat over the weekend on the walls and tub. Everything came out well, except for the top side of the tub facing the inner bathroom. After it dried, it was all flaking; I guess I might have noticed it when it was drying, but didn't pay much attention to it.

So, yesterday, I sanding down the top side of the tub to remove all the glaze that dried flaky, then cleaned it. This morning about 30 minutes ago, I mixed up a new box of Tub&Tile refinisher and applied a coat on the top of the tub. Within minutes, it stated to flake and is drying that way.

I really have no clue what to do now! Why is it flaking while drying? Should I sand it down again after it dries and apply primer before I apply another glaze coat? Any tips/advice/suggestions would be very helpful!

Below are some pictures.

Thanks in advance for reading this.

Here is a picture of the product I used.
Name:  IMG_6262.jpg
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Here is how it dried over the weekend (3 pictures)
Name:  IMG_6273.jpg
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Name:  IMG_6274.jpg
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Name:  IMG_6275.jpg
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Here is how it is drying from the coat applied 30 minutes ago (2 pictures)
Name:  IMG_6282.jpg
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Name:  IMG_6283.jpg
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It looks like the exact footprint of a shower door that was on that tub at some point and it was probably sealed with silicone caulk. It's going to take some serious repeated cleaning with solvents such as acetone to remove the silicone. You will have to research which chemicals to use to remove silicone, maybe someone else will post suggestions. Whatever you use, wipe it only once with a paper towel and discard that towel, then use another new one for one swipe otherwise you will just smear the silicone to another area. Good luck.
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Yes, you are correct. A shower door/track use to be there. I removed it, then sanding all the silicone away. Is there some residue left you think that is making it do this?
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Yes, silicone is hard to remove. Remove the peeling paint with a razor blade, sanding at this point will grind the silicone into the deglazed surface. Go about cleaning the surface with a few different solvents such as acetone, alcohol maybe even auto body wax and grease remover. When you think you're done, sprinkle a little water on the area to see how it reacts. If it beads up, the silicone is still there. When you think it's all gone then you can feather sand the edges of the good paint.
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AH, I didn't realize silicone was hard to remove. I thought I removed it when I used a razor and the sander. I didn't realize the sander would grind the silicone into the surface. Thank you for the information. Can I buy acetone at a local hardware store, i.e., Lowes, HomeDepot, Menards?
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For what it's worth, we do a lot of the maintenance and repairs on our rental units ourselves but any tub or sink glazing gets hired out even though those guys are an arm and a leg - it's a very difficult DIY job to get a good result.

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