Trouble with my toilet


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Trouble with my toilet

Hi All,

I've got a problem with my toilet I can't figure out.
Here's the deal, the toilet wont drain.
Flush the toilet and the contents of the tank fill the bowl and pour out onto the floor. I've used a plunger quite vigorously with no effect. I've used a toilet auger which I couldn't get past a bend in the toilet, so I removed the tank and pulled the bowl off the floor, I was able to run the auger through it from the bottom and found no blocks. Put everything back together, changing all the hardware in the tank while I was at it, and I still have have a toilet that wont drain.
I poured some vinegar down the overflow to let sit and work on the jets tonight but was looking for anything else I might try.
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Did you run the snake through the open drain pipe in the floor when you had the toilet removed? Sure sounds like you have a clog in the drain piping.....
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I sent the auger down it but didn't hit anything or have anything come up with the auger.
The water does seem to be draining ever so slowly. The bowl was mostly empty and I started hearing some gurgling coming from it while my wife was running the upstairs shower. Maybe a blockage in the plumbing vent?
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With the toilet removed, pour a bucket of water down the drain. Do any other units drain slowly? The sink? Bathtub?
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If water drains when bucket of water poured down pipe than you might have something like a toothbrush stuck in toilet. Almost impossible to remove.
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Do you have children? Do you use clip on toilet bowl cleaners or deodorizers? If you answered "yes" it's possible you have something stuck in the trap of the toilet. Toy balls, plastic drinking cups and the plastic parts from toilet deoderizers can get stuck in the trap. A drain snake can work past the object making you think it's clear but it still restricts the flow causing flush and clogging problems.
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Kids plastic toys were often found in mine! Steve
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We have something in a tenants toilet like this every year or two. Kids toys are common, one time it was a spoon.
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