Toilet leaks after instalation


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Toilet leaks after instalation

Toilet #1 continually clogged, despite use of a closet auger, then toilet removal and snaking. I paid a plumber to investigate. He advised that I upgrade my toilet and said that my flange was OK, but being that it was 80 yrs old should be replaced. He advised that I replace it when I redo the tile in my bathroom.

I bought a Toto Drake. I installed it with a new wax ring and flushed it 3 times without a leak. I then sat down on it. It didn't move. I flushed again and it leaked everywhere. I repeated the installation, it flushed without an issue until I sat down on it. Now it leaks again.

The wood around the flange doesn't give and the tile is in fine condition, but there isn't anything solid there to screw a PVC flange into.

DO I have an alternative to tearing out the floor and replacing the bathroom? I just redid my kitchen and my other bathroom and I really don't have the $ or the drive to do this now...
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Is the flange on top of the finish floor, level with the finish floor or below? Is the pipe solidly supported so it doesn't move?
If the flange is level or below the finished floor you may need to use an extra thick wax ring. I like the type with the plastic insert (Most or all of the extra thick rings come with the insert). Apply the ring to the toilet, not the floor.
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The flange is ~1/4" above the tile. I used a regular thickness, reinforced wax ring with insert that seemed to compress a fair bit. I tightened the bolts down. The bowl was level and didn't rock when I put my weight on it..

Thank you for your reply.
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1/4" high is a bit too high but should seal. As Carbidetip says, apply to toilet then to the flange. sit on it and try to wiggle it from side to side. Bolt it down. Sit on it again, wiggle around. Check bolts and firm them up but do not over tighten. Flush. About a day later re-check tightness of bolts and tighten if necessary. Again do not over tighten.
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If your flange is above the floor surface I would not use a wax ring that has an insert. Try just a normal wax ring.
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Have you tried a dry test fit without any bowl wax? I do this just to check for interference that the wax will mask.
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Hi, This may be a dumb reply. Wax gaskets don't leak out every where, they seep. However the tank may leak when you sit on the toilet. The tank may move and disturb the washers on the tank bolts.
Good luck Woodbutcher
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The toilet must not rock when test fitted over the floor flange with no wax ring. Use shims around the outer edge if needed.

Does the water pour down from between the tank and the toilet bowl or does it run out on the floor from under the toilet?
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