Need help turning off water


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Need help turning off water

Years ago I was able to turn off water by going to the vault in my front yard. I went to turn it off do work on a leak behind my toilet, but seems they changed it out. From what I dug out (just had a large shovel so I couldn't get all the way in there) looks like some kind of wireless device. I remember hearing about them installing these a while back so they could read it from several feet away.

Would there still be a valve there for me to turn it off? If there is it's definitely lower than it used to be.

I tried turning it off in front of my home but found what you see in the picture.
The round valve doesn't turn more than a quarter turn either direction. Even after spaying it down with lubricant. The lower nut I have no idea what it could be for. Would any of these shut my water off? Or do I need to contact the water company?

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That valve is one water main shutoff valve. You may have a second one inside the house.
That nut is the locknut on a pressure reducing valve. That should not be changed.

That valve with the handle needs to be turned clockwise to be shut off. If it is that stuck it may need to be replaced. If it needs to be replaced I believe it's your responsibility but you'll need the city to turn off the water service.

I would check inside the house in the area where the water main would enter for a second valve.
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The water company may need to excavate the meter a little and install a new vault. The vault usually keeps the valves and meter accessible.
The water company will replace the valve on the street side only, but that's enough to shut off your water.

Your house valve needs changed at some point. When I see an old valve like this, I fully expect it to not work.
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This is the vault. There used to be a valve right there next to the meter. Seems they installed a new meter and that other thing which I think is come kind of wireless reader.

Does it make sense that there's no shut off valve? Should I keep digging for the shut off valve?? I only own a large shovel at the moment, otherwise I would have already dug it out with a small garden shovel.
But if there's a chance it's down there I will find it!
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