1st time shower remodel


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1st time shower remodel

Hello all and I want to say up front I appreciate all the help as I will need it.

After getting several appraisals that were out of my budget I decided I would take this on myself. I'm in the process of tearing down right now so I would first like everyone's opinions on shower bases.
I want tile on the floor going up the wall and want to extend the shower out about a foot to be level with the bath.

My first question is what is everyone's opinions for pre-made sloped bases that I can tile vs. building one from scratch for a 1st timer doing this like me? Also, since I will be extending the shower by a foot the drain will not longer be in the middle of the pan. Will I need to move the drain?

Again thanks for all the help ahead of time.
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Read this guys website and you will get a quick lesson on what to do. Yes you will probably need to move the drain, but educate yourself at this time on what is involved in the build first. It is a 5 part series so read all of them.

How to Create a Shower Floor Part 1
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My main concern for now would be how to move the drain.
Is the drain plumbing in a crawl space or basement? If so this is going to be a lot easier.
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Thanks for the link, I will start reading this today. I have watched a good amount of youtube videos and it seems like on the borderline of my capability.
This bathroom is on the 2nd floor so I really don't want to cut a whole in the ceiling to access the plumbing if I don't have to. There is a gap between the sub-floor in the shower and what looks like the drywall ceiling on the first. so I assume I would need to take out the sub-floor to the shower to do the plumbing work correct?

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