Turning water pressure up to my kitchen sink


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Exclamation Turning water pressure up to my kitchen sink


After a "professional" came in and installed my hot water heater the jerk basically turned the water pressure down to my kitchen sink the hot water pressure is very low to where I cannot run my portable dishwasher and I need to get my dishes done. I am not sure exactly what this guy did or why he did it but he was quite a jerk to me to say the least.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this problem?
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Is water pressure only low in your kitchen? If the dishwasher connects to the kitchen sink have you pulled the connector for the DW and flushed out the faucet? Have you pulled the supply line to the faucet and checked if the supply valve is partly clogged?
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Welcome to the forums.

There is generally nothing that can be turned down to the sink. If he was under the sink.... there is a shutoff there. If he was only in the basement he may have turned down the water supply to the water heater.

How are the rest of the hot water faucets in the house ?

We may need to see a few pictures of the plumbing around the hot water heater to help you further. http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...-pictures.html
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If the "jerk" was just there, I would just call his (or her) Boss and complain immediately, without changing anything from the way it was left.

You go altering anything and who's to say that it wasn't due to what you did after the "jerk" left the scene.
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Sometimes when installing a new water heater or simply turning the water supply on and off to your home debris can be knocked loose from older pipes. This debris can then get clogged in shutoff valves, strainers and aerators. It's likely not the fault of your installer and more likely the result of your houses plumbing. But... if your nice the installer may be the best person to help remedy the problem. Since you just hired them to do work for you they may come back for free and help debug your problem. Any plumber hired independently will likely charge you a service fee just for showing up.
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I just have to say it....

If you already have hot water, why do you want to heat it? It's a water heater...not a hot water heater.

Sorry Kelly777, nothing against you personally, but every few months I just have to say it, or the top of my head will blow off. The wrong term gets used constantly.

As to the question, was this a purchase at HD, Lowes, Sears, etc and you bought the install from them? They have a list of installers that they use. If it came from that type of store, call the store, not the installer. He may actually be "the Boss". Let the store people deal with it, they know how to handle the people and can hold money back if needed.
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I agree with PD that it's most likely debris that got knocked loose and is partially plugging the water line. The first thing I'd try would be to remove the aerator at the end of the kitchen sink faucet and see if that improves the pressure. Since it's a portable dishwasher I assume that's where it hooks up.

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