Slow drip after toilet flush - after fill is complete - temporary


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Slow drip after toilet flush - after fill is complete - temporary

Recently had a new Kohler toilet installed and new drain pipe run in our upstairs bathroom. After the fill is complete, there is a noticeable drip that you can hear downstairs (more or less below the toilet), lasts for maybe 10 - 15 minutes. It is not constant, at most its a drop a minute - maybe less - and starts only after a flush/fill. It is not all day or constantly dripping.

At first I had the contractor come back and he said he thinks it is water dripping from the bowl back into a pipe. He opened the ceiling back up (I wasn't there at this point, my wife was) and she said that there was no evidence of water in the ceiling.

But to me, audibly, I feel like I would be able to tell the difference between water hitting the ceiling and water dripping into a pipe.

Again, its not constant dripping. So I guess its possible it dripped so few times that it had dried up by the time he reopened the ceiling, I'm not sure.

Short of that I bought some dye tablets and borrowed a pinhole camera to hopefully avoid opening another hole in the ceiling.

Any thoughts? I am completely out of my depth here, no pun intended. It is a new Kohler toilet with a cylinder/flapper mechanism that I've never seen before, if that makes a difference. Also, its driving me mad, if that makes a difference either

If it is dripping back into the pipe is there anything that can be done to eliminate it? Would buying a more standard model toilet fix it?

Thanks in advance.
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Toilets aren't my specialty.
As a contractor, I wouldn't open up a ceiling because I heard a drip. If there is a drip hitting the ceiling, the water or stain would show up rather quickly.

I'm not familiar with the new style power or low-flow valves, but I think it's the toilet.
It might be overfilling the bowl or some other problem.
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