Slow flushing toilet with tub gurgle


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Slow flushing toilet with tub gurgle

Greetings all! First time poster here. I live in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath home connected to a sewer system. My only toilet in the house has only recently begun to give me problems. It is a new toilet, less than 2 years old. It is an American Standard dual flush. When we flush, the water level rises like it may overflow but does not and then slowly drains. And by slowly I mean over the course of 3-5 minutes. And immediately after I push the flush button, the bath tub, which is right next to the toilet, makes a gurgling sound. Now the kicker, it does not always do this. Sometimes it works fine. It seems like it is raining or has recently rained when it happens. When we remodeled the bathroom 2 years ago we installed tile so there was a height difference from the toilet flange to the tile floor so there are 2 wax rings stacked on top of one another. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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A blockage would be the most likely culprit. My company has never used wax rings in the 25 years of being in business. Now u must remove the toilet to investigate and clean all the wax nastiness before reinstalling.
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Number of wax rings has nothing to do with the issue.
When's the last time your tank was pumped?
There's at least 4 different types of septic system you could have, need more info.
Some have a filter that needs to be cleaned where the lines run out to the leach field. (if there is one)
Back up when it's raining tells me the most likely cause can be a failed leach field.
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What the heck does a septic system have to do with the problem? The OP stated he has a SEWER system.
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l suspect that the Vent/Stack pipe up on your Roof is blocked (maybe by ice and snow) and is creating a vacuum when you want to flush the toilet.

Without a source of replacement air coming from the vent, the easiest source of air is the drain in the Bathtub, hence the "gurgling" caused by air being sucked through the water in that drain's trap, which ceases once the toilet has completed its flush.

I'd go outside and take a peak at the area of the roof where the vent is located and see if there's a buildup of snow or ice in that area, sealing off the top of that pipe.

That's my 2

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Problem solved

Thanks to all who replied. I got up on the roof monday night and checked the vent pipe and saw no obstruction. I grabbed the hose and ran water down it just to make sure, no change in my problem. Still not wanting to call a plumber, I called my local water company and I am proud to say that someone answered at 8:30pm. He asked me to remove the cap from my "clean out" and see if there was any waste water present. Which I did and there was. So he came out tuesday morning and cleaned my drain pipe All is now well and it didn't cost me a dime. Again, thanks for the replies!!!!
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Thanks for the update, cleaned your drain for no charge even better.
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