Vanity drain

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Vanity drain

My bathroom vanity drain in my master bath is often getting clogged and because I have unclogged it numerous times because of how often I do it the job isn't too hard but annoying. The drain pipe is plastic (pvc) and has an 'S' trap on it. After the trap the pipe continues below the floor where I can't reach it. The material that clogs it is some hair but more just some slimy stuff that collects. Is there a drain liquid I could use that will keep that slime from building up so I don't have to dismantle the drain line so often?

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Plenty of plumbers and others smarter than myself here, but I'll give you my 2 cents worth. First off, I believe that your S trap is no longer permissible, and there are reasons for that, some of which might be some of what you are experiencing, but I wouldn't rip it out either. Hair does not readily decompose, so yes, it is definitely a problem; anything that you can do to keep it in the waste basket rather than the drain is a good thing. The "slimy stuff" though is what's bonding everything together, and it's a combination of tooth paste, soap, shampoo, etc., all things that kill bacteria, so it doesn't break down either; try a thrifty approach. All in all, it's a common problem, but I would keep a plunger handy, and make it a habit to use it regularly, maybe start with once a week and see where that takes you, but the last thing that I would do, not even for someone I didn't like, is pour chemicals down the drain.
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Try to add a vent (aav) to your s trap..

Also dont use any chemicals except bio stuff..

Get the line snaked properly, add the vent, and use a product like this monthly..

Bio-Clean Natural Drain Cleaner from Countryside Plumbing


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