Toilet Gurgle


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Toilet Gurgle

Just bought a new house (to us) and noticed that one toilet randomly makes sounds like a large gurgle or a partial flush. This happens when no one is using any of the fixtures. We notice it while watching TV most of the time. From what I have read, it could be a vent issue; however, wouldn't all the other toilets make similar random noises?

Questionable toilet is on first floor. Other two toilets are on the second level and don't make any noise. House is less than 15 years old. I am located in Illinois if that matters.

Please let me know what you think.

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First thought is a partial clog.
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If it is a vent issue, the vacuum would probably attempt to suck make-up air from the nearest source, or attempt to draw it using the path that presented the least resistance. Would that be the 1st floor commode ?

It's the water that already went down the drain which created the vacuum.

Is your roof vent currently covered with snow ?

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I agree that something is clogged or partially clogged. 95% of the time I have found the clog somewhere in the drain lines but if your vent is clogged it can also cause the same symptom.
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Re: gurgle

Happens only on first floor. Just noticed that when it happens, the upstairs toilet water bounces left and right a little.

Currently, thank god, there is no snow on my house. It's like 39 degrees today and sunny!

I have access to a cleanout line right outside the house. Looks like a big pvc pipe sticking out of the ground. Should I try and rod that before I call someone in to clean the vent pipe?

Or could the toilet itself be malfunctioning? I was thinking about killing the water to it and see if the upstairs toilets start doing the same thing.
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