Flush One Toilet--Other Toilet's Bowl Water "Moves"


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Flush One Toilet--Other Toilet's Bowl Water "Moves"

Replaced two toilets in a single level condo (both bathrooms are adjoining and the toilets are approximately 8 feet apart from each other) with Kohler Cimmaron toilets. I was having trouble with the OEM Mansfield toilets "completing" their flushes. Both new toilets gurgle substantially when flushed and I noticed today that when one toilet is flushed, the other toilet's bowl water moves around--not quite to the point of splashing, but just moving vigorously.

We had a plumber come in and told us that the gurgling on both toilets is a common characteristic of these "Aqua Piston" flush Kohlers. I find that hard to believe as I've put them in just about every home I've purchased in recent years and never had this issue.

I'd appreciate anyone's comments on whether the condo association needs to hire a plumber to either check my sewer lines for a partial blockage, or possibly the vent stack on a (very pitched!) roof.
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I'm no expert on drain cleaning. To me gurgling indicates a partial blockage. The bowl might not fill to the proper height because the water is being slowly siphoned out.

In the worse case old cast iron will break or collapse and create a belly. A severe belly might cause your showers and tubs to back up. I would guess you are not to that level yet and the pipes can be cleaned with a snake or a cutter. If a cutter is needed the plumber will let you know what diameter was able to pass.
You could also get a DVD Video, around here a camera inspection costs about $350.
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If one bowl sloshes when the other is flushed, then there's definitely some kind of back-flow or back-pressure issue of some kind. Gurgling to me would suggest a lot of trapped air that the draining water is replacing. I think looking for a blockage in the pipes or vent is the right idea.
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