Strange kitchen faucet issue


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Strange kitchen faucet issue

Hey guys,

Really would like some help on this one. Bought a brand new Cuisinart kitchen faucet. It's one of those pull down single handle faucets. When I lift the faucet with all the hoses, the water comes out with full pressure. The moment I lower the faucet onto it's base, the water comes to a slow trickle.

It's just a matter of a few inches. few inches up, water comes out no problem. couple inches down on the base, it's stops.
I was thinking that the three hoses ( hot cold etc..) coming out was being twisted, but I've tried rearranging the hoses to enter the hole in the correct orientation, wiggling the hoses to see if anything changes etc... nothing. Lifted the weight, nothing.

I've attached 2 images, 1 shows when the faucet is lifted, there is water. The other shows the faucet on the base and the water coming out very slowly.

Maybe it's just a manufacter defect...

Anybody else have this issue or has any suggestions?

Thank you!
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I would think the hoses below are getting kinked when it's lowered into position. I would turn on the faucet then crawl underneath and move the hoses around to listen for the flow to increase.
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Assuming the three hoses are connected to the right ports. That is, hot in, cold in and mixed to the spout. Does the temperature change? Does the pressure reduce for only one of the temperatures?

Otherwise, I agree you have a kink,or, manufacturers defective hose to the spout. Automotive break lines sometimes trapped pressure on wheel cylinders because of the hose lining peeling inside. OR, is there a designed pressure reduction when the nozzle is free of the spigot, for whatever reason the designer thought of?
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I looked at the pictures again and think I see the problem.

I don't believe you are supposed to lift the whole spigot from the base plate. It looks to me like you are supposed to pull down the nozzle from the spigot(u shaped tube), probably push what looks like a button, and create a spray flow from the nozzle.
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I install all kinds of faucets and would agree, it has to be a kinked hose.
You could post a picture of the underside of sink and a pic straight up to the base of the faucet and that might tell the problem.

Some manufacturers box the faucets poorly and the hose is already kinked/smashed right out of the package.

You could also try disconnecting all the hoses and reinstalling the faucet. Let the hoses relax and stick them straight down into the faucet hole. When you have 3 hoses, there is only so much room to arrange them down through the hole.
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