Toilets Randomly Refilling Tank


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Toilets Randomly Refilling Tank

We rented a house in February and have had no plumbing or sewer problems until a few weeks ago. In April our neighborhood has a sewer overfill into the local lagoons. The water company promptly adddressed and corrected the issue. About two weeks later the water on our street was shut off while the water & sewer company did some "repairs". Since then our house has has exteremly lower water pressure, none of our toilets are flushing fully, and when we run water from a sink, shower, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. the toilets will randomly sound like their refilling the tank (for example if we run a sink or shower in the master bath the master bath toilet will sound like it's refilling, or if we run the washing machine downstairs the toilet downstairs with sound like it's refilling). I called our landlord who told us to call a plumber, if it was our fault we would be liable for paying him, if not she would cover the expenses. I called three plumbers and explained what's happening and they told me to call the water & sewer company. Called the water & sewer company and they told me to call a plumber. I've checked all the flappers and seals, everything seems to be working correctly. I'm out of ideas, and stuck in a catch 22. Does anyone have an idea of what may be going on, and or how to correct it?

Much appreciated,

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How did you check the flappers?
The correct way is to add red food coloring to the tank to see if it runs into the bowl
All that work gone on the lines is going to causes lots of issues.
Plugged up aerators in the faucets, sediment in the bottom of the water heater that needs to be flushed out, flush valve in the toilet clogged up, antiscald valve sticking in the bathroom.
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Start by taking the aerators off the faucets and back flushing them for sediment. When a water main is opened, it can introduce a lot of silt into the water pipes that can lead to a clog in your system.
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