American Standard Tub Faucet Handle Stuck on Stem


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American Standard Tub Faucet Handle Stuck on Stem

Hello! Newbie here looking for some tips. I have an American Standard Tub/Shower Diverter Set in one of my bathrooms. The H/C faucets started dripping unless you tighten them very tight so I decided to replace both stems. I was able to remove the handle for the Hot side relatively easily and successfully replace the stem. The Cold side has been a different story. I took the screw out and even after tapping with it and working it around I was unable to get it off so I sprayed it down with PB Blaster but would still not come off. I then ordered a handle puller. I have it on and tightened as far as I can go by hand but it still wont come off. I'm afraid I'm going to break something. The inside of the H handle had some corrosion in it but I can't imagine what has this other handle sticking so bad. Any tips? Should I get a wrench and continue to tighten the puller? Try and heat it up with a torch? Should I try to get a grip on the chrome stem cover with a pipe wrench and see if I can loosen the entire stem assembly that way without scarring the cover too bad? Thanks!

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You are doing everything that I know of. I encountered one of these several years ago that I simply could not remove. I went in from the back and replaced the entire rough in. If you do get it off, put a dab of grease on the splines to prevent a repeat.
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Lightly tap on the head and sides of the puller with a hammer. Use Lime Away, not PB Blaster. Be careful if you use a torch on the handle, it will easily discolor it.

My guess is the spline is corroded with lime... sometimes the tapping and lime away will help loosen it. You may wish to take the puller off and place some small washers where your screw goes to protect the soft brass... then you can tighten the puller as tight as you like... that along with tapping will usually get it.

And try to keep the puller straight.
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Thanks for the tips, I'll give them a try and report back!
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