Floor rotting under shower


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Floor rotting under shower

Hello all, my floor underneath my tub/shower is rotting away. I believe the area around the drain is letting water through so I've caulked around the drain. i am wondering if it's possible to cut out the floor and find where the water is coming from or if you all would know where the water is coming from. I've been reading around and many have said the tub may have to come out if there is an option other then that I would be grateful to hear it because I am in no way at all skilled in plumbing or woodwork or anything. I don't believe this floor area really holds up anything so if I can go up from the bottom and fix the problem and then replace the wood that would be great. Also open to plumbing if anyone could give a cost estimate on that. Thank you all for your time any and all opinions welcome. Have pictures not sure how to post them on mobile though

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Caulking around the tub drain is not the proper way to fix a leak. The bezel inside the tub should be unscrewed and the area underneath cleaned. Then install a ribbon of plumbers putty around the drain hole and screw the bezel down into it. This will squish the putty and form a water tight seal. And the sealing is done out of sight so it's prettier and the sealing area is protected from daily wear and tub cleaning.

But, I don't think a leaking drain rotted your floor. I would check for a leak in the piping to the faucet and shower. You might also have a leak in the shower surround.

If you can get the leak stopped now you might get away with not replacing the wood under the tub. If the leak continues and the wood rots then the tub will start to mover or sink which will cause more leaking, which will speed up the rotting...
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This is a bigger mess and bigger job than I think you've estimated. Please follow through as Dane advised to keep it from getting really out of hand.
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It is not the drain, it is more likely one of two things. A leak in the water supply which is the copper pipe leading up through the stained subfloor. Or it is an issue with the caulking in the vertical corner of the tub as this is directly above the staining. Many times it is just grouted and as the walls move, the grout cracks, opens up. Inspect this area closely and report back to us.

Can you take a picture from further back that shows us more of the shower. Looking for things like shelving, soap dish, diverter valve, etc.
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