Dampening the Sound of a Draining Dishwasher


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Dampening the Sound of a Draining Dishwasher

My dishwasher drains the water out a standard Polypropylene Hi-Line Branch Tailpiece - link to it below. It works just fine, my issue is that the water gushing into that plastic pipe is loud!

Any recommendations on how to dampen that noise? Would pipe wrap help? Or should I be using a different type of pipe?

Everbilt 1.5 in. x 8-1/2 in. Polypropylene Hi-Line Branch Tailpiece-C9818 - The Home Depot
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I have never heard this complaint, loud draining/loud drain flow. I do run across loud (cheap) dishwashers but that's mechanical and the sound is coming from the pump. Usually dishwashers drain rather slowly or gently.
Ensure the drain line is hung from the underside of the counter as high as possible and then drops down to the branch tailpiece or disposer.
The "high loop" method or an air gap ensures the water is pumped upwards, makes a vacuum break, and then falls down by gravity.
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Hmm...I definitely have the high loop going for me. As for the dishwasher, I don't find it to be that loud as it is pumping out the water. The real noise here is the water falling through the tailpiece and draining into the P-Trap.

I wouldn't call it a gurgling sound, per say, just more of an echoing draining sound.
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I've been repairing appliances for over thirty years.
Never had that complaint before.

If the sound is coming out of the drain in the sink... try covering it lightly with something to diffuse the noise.
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