Locating the water pressure valve to turn up the water flow in my house.


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Locating the water pressure valve to turn up the water flow in my house.

I have a two story house and when I flush the toilet downstairs, the water pressure throughout the house drops really low. If you're in the shower at the time, water just drops for about a minute or two before it starts to pick up again. This has been going on for about six months, but now it's getting worse by the week. The water pressure outside the house is extremely strong and runs fine. Inside the house, the water pressure is not so strong to begin with, so when you use the kitchen water, the pressure drops for the rest of the house for a minute or two, and then it slowly comes back to normal levels. I'm about to call a plumbing company to come out and find out whats wrong. Is this something I can fix myself? Please help!
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I need to learn how to post images on here. Google image "pressure reducing valve" and see if you have around your water meter or main shut off. These are adjustable but yours could've possibly failed and need replaced. They aren't too difficult to install usually but it all depends on how it's piped. That's a good starting point anyway.
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Welcome to the forums.

How old is the house ?
Is the plumbing older steel or galvanized pipes ?

Since you have good water pressure to the outside faucets.... the problem may be pipes that are becoming internally clogged from rust.

To insert pictures on the board..... http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...-pictures.html
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Typical pressure reducing valve. Turn screw /in/ to increase.

SD - find the image you want, right-click it, copy the image location (or address), then paste it in between two image tags. There's an opening tag


and a closing tag


example: [img]paste it here[/img]

Doesn't hurt to preview the results before posting.

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In all cases I have seen the pressure reducing valve is located where the water enters the house so it is regulating the pressure for everything, outside spigots included. If you have good pressure at the outside spigots but not at fixtures inside the house I'm with PJMax thinking you have a corroded pipe or some other blockage restricting the water flow to part of your home.
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I've been on the water utility field for 17 years, most of wich is in water distribution. I've been on many calls over the years for "low pressure" to find out the customer has good pressure outside, but poor inside.

often times the customer has a water softener that has slowly clogged up, ocasionally we find a water filter in the garage or outside wall that had not been replaced in a long time and it became clogged.

as sone others have posted if the internal pipe is old galvanized it can be restricted. I've seen that also, more on our distributton side before the water meter in old sections of town. If you have galvanized it may be sending little particles of rust to your aerators on your sinks that will slowly clog them.

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