Shower help please


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Shower help please

Had a leaky shower Tile to Vinyl tub) and took it apart (except the basin) and think I found the source, some grout came off the last tile. Removed the rotten wood around and sealed the gout and tile and ready to caulk it and put it back together.
This is my shower
I would be very grateful for some advice. Do I need to put 'weep holes' to allow any water that gets through the grout a way out?

This fellow says yes
Location of Weep Holes in Tile Installations

My tiler buddy says no.

Lastly the corner of the basin is not well designed . There is no grade to allow the water to run down . I checked with my level and it is dead flat so water sits there a bit and evaporates

Is there any way to fix that?

trying to do it right so I dont have to repeat it, so any advice apprecaited. Will try to attach the pcitures.
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So I have never heard of anybody putting weep holes in a shower, grout is not waterproof but you should have a waterproof barrier behind the tile to eliminate any water issues.

What I dont understand from your post is what and where is the rotted wood that you repaired. If the shower was built right there should not be any location for wood to get wet.

You also can not seal grout to resolve a water issue.
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Could be the drain. some are glued but many have a rubber gasket around the 2" pvc. If the nut that presses down on the gasket is loose, tighten it or take nut off and silicone it before reinstalling nut.. Doesn't sound like a good installation to me. I have been doing this stuff for 35 years.
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Hi Marq1

The rotten wood is right next to one corner of the shower as shown. The previous owner had slapped a lot of grout in the area so obviously it was a long term problem.. I took the shower out (not the basin) and found there was grout that had gone in the area and will be recaulking it before I put the shower back.

regarding the weep holes, some say they are needed to drain any water that condences behind the tile, or gets through the grout. Others say no need. I am caught in indecision.
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Anywhere the tile wall changes direction such as were the two walls meet in the corner, should be caulked not grouted. Likewise, were te tile meets the base, that should be caulked as well. The space between tiles is where the grout goes. As the walls are vertical, little water should get behind these tiles. Moving on to the shower door, the contact point where the metal meets the tile should also be caulked, same for the metal base of the shower door. Pay attention to where the vertical metal meets the horizontal metal that joint also needs to be sealed.

I never understood the concept of weep holes in showers. To me, it gives water an opportunity to get behind the tile and caulking and provides a direct route to the outside to cause damage as you have noted. Seal everything up tight with caulking. Grout in any plane change location will simply crack and provide nothing as far as waterproofing.
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An acrylic shower pan would not have any weep holes anywhere. A shower drain assembly in a tiled shower base /would/ have weep holes to drain any water that happens to makes way thru the tile to the pan.

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