Valve can't turn because drain line is on the way.


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Valve can't turn because drain line is on the way.

What should I do?

The hot water valve is hitting the drain line when I try to turn to 3 o clock. The second picture is from another angle, it looks like there is space, but it doesn't. Third picture is the cold water valve, nothing is blocking it from turning to 3 o clock.
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Turn water off to house (or H20 heater), bleed off pressure, loosen compression nut, turn valve ccw as needed, tighten compression nut, turn on water.

It would have been interesting to watch the original install.
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With those old compression valves, if you loosen it enough to turn, you may start a leak you won't be able to stop. And you may have issues with the supply line. If it were me I'd somehow cut or grind the valve handle down for clearance. Looks like just a small amount of the corner would have to be removed. A stubby or mini hacksaw, a dremel tool or even a file. Better to have to use pliers to turn it from then on, as opposed to replacing the valve.
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Replace with new Shark-byte valves.
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Why does the valve need to be turned to the 3:00 position? Will turning it to 9:00 instead have the same result?
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Drop the p-trap and you should be able to clear the rest of the drain body. Perform your repairs and then put the drain back together.
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See if the hot water copper line has any movement. If they didn't clamp it, you should be able to push the whole valve back toward the wall slightly... just enough to turn your 1/4 turn valve.
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XSleeper's way is the simplest. Put your hand on the angle stop and see if the pipe will move a little bit back or to the left. Don't force it too much, but it may have just enough play to turn .

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