tank to bowl hardware


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tank to bowl hardware

Interesting question. You buy a pack of tank to bowl hardware (bolts washers etc) Directions that come with a toilet shows the bolt going through the tank using a rubber washer, then the flat metal washer and nut on the bowl........seems simple enough; ask someone in one of the DIY stores and they tell you to insert the bolt and rubber washer, then put a metal flat washer with nut on and tighten, then put the tank on inserting the bolts through the hole in the bowl and affix it with a metal washer and nut.........some even tell you to use another rubber washer on the bottom side of the tank...........yikes! The instructions on the package show nothing more than using the bolt with the rubber washer and a metal washer and nut at the bowl and tighten.
Guess one would ask what all the extra parts are for if you do not use them? You guys have allot of history behind you and would love your input.
Meantime have a great New Year.
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There is a right way and a way some plumbers do it for reasons I may not explain here..

Its bolt and rubber washer through tank.. If you dare to add a metal washer to that mix you will have a leak..

Once bolt and rubber washer are through tank then a metal washer and nut is added to the underside of tank... This makes it so now you have two or three ridgid bolts mounted to the tank..

Then you take said tank and place it on bowl. Use again another metal washer and nut to secure to said bowl...

If there is a leak at any said bolt through tank, the whole tank would need to be removed to re tighten bolts under tank side..

So as a plumber we would eliminate the tank underside bolts.. We would simply install bolt, rubber washer, then place tank on bowl and secure with metal washer and bolt.. This way if there is a leak you just simply tighten bolts. Or remove one bolt to replace rubber washer without removing tank...

I hope one understands the above....
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