Toilet tank insulation

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Toilet tank insulation


Been having problems with my flush flapper the last few days. it was sticking open after each flush. Was going to go buy a new one to see if the problem would be corrected. Took one last look today and realized the foam insulation has broken free from the tank and is floating. The bottom of the insulation is now hitting the flapper hinge which is preventing the flapper from closing.

Is the insulation simply attached via the silicon bead along the top? How do I reattach it properly to the bottom of the tank so it doesn’t impede the flapper?
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Sorry but I can't see the insulation from the picture. At any rate, the insulation is there to prevent condensation. Can you just cut away the piece impacting the flapper?
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I've seen them but dont know what is used to attach, I would think silicone would work or as noted remove the material from the offending area since a small amount missing will not make a significant impact on the insulation value.
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If the float has come loose can also try shortening the chain and not bother with the float.
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I would think silicone would work
I may be mistaken, but I thought typical silicon can not be totally immersed in water. You need a marine grade. But your advise of just cutting away the offend insulation is good.

Tony P. The insulation is the white outline that is inside the toilet tank. It's surrounded by the darker porcelain actual tank.

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