Don't know how to dis assemble my faucet stem mechanism

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Don't know how to dis assemble my faucet stem mechanism

Some ten years ago, I originally installed my sink, and faucet, and handles but cannot find the installation instructions. My cold water faucet handle has become very stiff. The handle sits atop a porcelain decorative cone which covers the part of the stem mechanism that sits above the sink surface. I removed the handle by loosening two set screws so now about 1/2 inch of the stem sticks out of the top of the porcelain cone. I assumed that I could use a small pair of channel locks to unscrew the top of the porcelain cone to lift the cone off. However, the metal piece that I assumed was a nut holding the cone in place appears to be affixed to the cone and will barely budge when I grip it with the channel locks and try to turn it. I reached under the sink and unscrewed the plastic nut as far as it would go that tightens threaded lower end of the stem mechanism onto the sink from underneath and then I pulled up on the stem and cone from above and can see that a plastic nut on the threaded lower part of the stem piece holds the stem piece in place on the surface of the sink. I can see no way of removing the stem mechanism from the porcelain cone that almost completely covers it. I don't know how I can remove the stem in order to replace some or all of it. I'm afraid to exert too much pressure trying to unscrew the top of the porcelain cone as I'm not convinced it is screwed on at all and, if it is, I am unsure which way to turn it to unscrew it. I wish I knew the make but I don't see anything that identifies this. Any suggestions at all. I can make photos if that would help. Also, I took off the hot water handle and tried to unscrew the cone from it the same way as described above and it, too, wouldn't budge. Thank you.
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You have likely had a lot of views and no answers because you didn't attach a picture. Your "cone" might unscrew, (counter clockwise) or it might have a set screw in back (Allen wrench) but without a picture or brand/model of faucet it's hard for anyone to say. Look for tiny print on the aerator perhaps that would give a clue.

Here is an example of what I mean by the set screw being in back. Use a mirror to look in back if you need to.
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How to add pictures: Also note you need to use paragraphs. It will make your posts a far less daunting task. Easier to read the more likely it is to be read.

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