Trying to get tube faucet handle off


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Trying to get tube faucet handle off

We had a handle break on the tub faucet. It was put on back in Ď95 and refuses to come off. I cleaned up the break. The hex screw on the outside was stripped. It broke off on the inside. I tried using an extractor, Iíve tried drilling it out. I was able to get the screw out that I thought was holding the handle on. It still will not come off. So, it must be that the remaining piece of the hex screw is keeping it from coming off. My 20 minute project is now going on 3 days.
I appreciate any advice I can get on where to go from here.
thank you[img]blob:[/img]
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Most likely its stuck on with years of lime deposits. Try soaking with CLR or Lime-a-Way. It may take several applications. You can use a plastic bag for an overnight soaking.
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You'll likely just have to cut and break it off. Dremel tool, hacksaw, big channel locks, whatever it takes...just don't beat on the stem.

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