what is that sound?


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what is that sound?

No question, just a funny story.

I was replacing the bathroom sink which resulted in a new faucet and trap. In disassembling the old one, I pulled the horizontal rod that controls the stopper. Was disappointed to see a major hairball hanging from the lever even though I use a stainless screen instead of a stopper in the sink. Anyhow, I ended up just tossing the entire assembly and installing a new trap and drain assembly in the new sink.

For the funny part, my wife goes to use the sink for the first time and after turning off the water, she asks me what that funny noise is. It sounds louder than the old drain. I had to explain that all that hair and crud in the old drain assembly never really let the water go easily down to the trap. the water took its time navigating past the clog. On the new (clean) assembly, the water goes straight down the drain and drops into the trap - which makes more noise than the old (dirty) one.

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I had a similar thing on a rental house. After clearing a drain the tenant called to ask about the slurping sound when they opened the drain. With a clean drain the water drained so fast it created a whirlpool and would suck down air making an odd slurping sound. When it was partially clogged the water drained too slow to do much of anything.
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