Kitchen faucet slow to turn off


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Kitchen faucet slow to turn off

I have a Delta, gooseneck faucet in my kitchen. It is a four piece unit consisting of (1) handle, (2) spout, (3) sprayer, and (4) soap dispenser. It is probably 10 to 15 years old. There doesn’t appear to be a model number on the hardware (Delta’s website says they didn’t start putting model numbers on all their merchandise until 2012) and I’m unable to find the manual. I’ve searched Delta’s website but they do not appear to maintain product information on merchandise this old.

I've uploaded a photo for anyone that would like a visual reference.

My problem is that it takes 2-3 seconds for water to stop flowing from the spout after it is shut off.
When searching the online forums for help, there is lots confusion where respondents think the problem is that the faucet is leaking. The faucet is NOT leaking. After 2-3 seconds, no additional water comes out of the spout.

There’s also lots of confusion about whether this is normal behavior for this particular type of faucet. While I can’t speak for all gooseneck faucets, I’ve owned this particular one for at least a decade and this problem has only recently started so it is NOT normal behavior.

Couple of other observations that may or may not be relevant:
Water is also slow to stop flowing from the spout when the sprayer is activated.
Water flow volume from the spout is about 10% less than from the sprayer (i.e. it takes 10% longer to fill a container with water from the spout than it does to fill it from the sprayer).

Here’s what I’ve done already:
1. Replaced the cam and packing that sit on top of the ball assembly in the handle
2. Replaced the seats and springs in the handle
3. Replaced the diverter assembly in the handle
4. Replaced the o-rings in the spout base
5. Inspected and re-seated the aerator. It is in pristine condition.

Can anyone suggest any other fixes that might correct this problem? Thanks in advance for all help.
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This is an inherent normal behavior

Just after the water is turned off, any water still in the downswept portion of the spout near the end could continue to fall out.

For a spout that angles up where it ends over the sink, the amount of water falling out when the water is turned off will be much less.

Unscrew and inspect the aerator. There might be a water saver constrictor which could be a tiny orifice in the middle of the back side of the aerator or a separate disk with a tiny orifice in the middle. This could be metal and have rusted away to leave a much larger opening letting makeup air up into the spout to in turn let more water fall out.

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