Utility Sink Faucet Repair


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Utility Sink Faucet Repair

It's times like these when you really miss the old man. (apologies if I'm using any incorrect terms in the following)

I've got an old 2 valve utility sink faucet that was leaking from the retainer nut where the spout swivels. I removed the spout and found half of a brass O-ring seated in a slot at the base of the spout; I believe the other half fell into the base of the faucet when I removed the spout.

I'm at bit of a loss as to the proper repair. Are there replacement brass O-rings, or do I go with rubber? I've been looking though the hardware websites and haven't seen a part that resembles what I've got. What's the best way to remove the remaining half of the old O-ring without damaging the spout stem (seems like it's seized on there?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Photos of the spout which is leaking. shadows :x
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That's not a brass O ring. It a regular rubber O ring that has been stained with age. I would take the spout to an old fashioned hardware store that has a bin or drawer full of various sized O rings. You can also try a big box home center in the plumbing section. They often have packs with a variety of O rings.
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I assure you, it is brass. I had to use penetrating oil to remove it.
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I believe that it can be a brass washer. I would not waste my time in trying fix it. Buy a new faucet and be done with it.
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For reference, as I couldn't find this info anywhere online:

This was a Gerber Faucet.

The brass ring is a retaining ring for for the coupling. They do not sell replacement rings, but I was told that modern Gerber faucets fit the old housings. I would think you could make your own out of a coat hanger or copper wire and solder if needed. The half of a ring I had was enough to lock it in place.

The spout connection is sealed with graphite packing. The official replacement packing is Gerber Part 90-550. You would have to get this from a specialty plumbing store, but I think you could get by using any general purpose graphite valve packing from a big box store.


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