Any fill valves with high water output?


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Any fill valves with high water output?

So, I've been using Fluidmaster and Korky fill valves for a while. They're OK I guess. The tubes don't produce enough water output IMO. It takes a good 3m 30s just to fill up the tanks. I was trying to find a fill valve that has a much larger tube but haven't had any luck. Are there any that produce as much water as a sink or bathtub or close to that or am I asking for something that doesn't exist yet?
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If it's taking that long it's far more likely it's not the valves fault.
Old steel plumbing that always closed up on the inside.
Shut off valve not open all the way or it's plugged up.
Old shut off valves often fail to shut off or open up all the way.
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I agree, you have another problem. Is this on a modern low flow toilet? Modern fill valves do take a long time to fill ancient toilets that need 3 or 4 gallons per flush simply because they take two or three times as much water. A modern toilet's tank will refill much faster.

Do you have good, strong water flow elsewhere in the house? If not then you might pipes partially clogged with mineral deposits or rust. Unfortunately the fix is to replace the piping.

Has the flow from the fill valves always been slow or did it start strong then get slower over time? If it started good then got slow there may be debris inside the fill valve that can be cleaned out.
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This is an old 1973 Murray by Eljer high flush toilet, so it has a large tank. The water flow has always been kind of slow due to low water pressure or like you said, the pipes might be partially clogged up. The flow from the valves has always been slow because of this. Now, if it were to dispense water at the same rate as our bathroom sink, it would fill up fast. Thatís why I asked if there were any fill valves with high water output. But if nothing can be done about then I guess Iím SOL. We will have to consider getting a modern low flush toilet.
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