Toilet bowl fills up 3/4 before flushing


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Toilet bowl fills up 3/4 before flushing

I recently purchased a new house and the upstairs toilet will fill up to about 3/4 capacity before it will flush. Once it starts flushing, it will flush just fine. Not slow to flush or anything like that. I had to replace the flooring in the bathroom, so I replaced the wax ring with one of those blue rubber rings and still have the same issue. I've never had a toilet do this before so I am stumped as to what could be the cause. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Get a bucket and put about a 1 1/2 gallons of water into it. Quickly pour the water into the center of the bowl. If that causes the toilet to flush then the drain line is likely OK and the problem is in the toilet. In order to flush the water from the tank must enter the bowl quickly enough. Clogging of the passage or holes under the rim or blockage elsewhere can cause the problem you describe. This is sorta common with people who use in tank blue cleaners. Chunks break off or the hangers get sucked down the tank and stuck in the passages of the bowl.

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