Vertical hand shower rail: Stud?

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Vertical hand shower rail: Stud?

I am going to install a vertical hand shower rail (not a grab bar, though there is one in the shower). It will go through tile. How important is it to sink the anchor screws into studs? The studs are not exactly conveniently placed in the shower stall....

Thanks, as ever!
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Well if you go through the tile you better hit the studs, otherwise what's the point? If you're not going to hit the studs you shouldn't drill holes in the tile in the first place, you should just glue it to the wall with a product like Kerdi-fix.
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This is the bar where the hand held shower nozzle will attach too?

So the preference would be to install onto a stud, and should have been installed prior, but this is a light weight item and it's typ on the same wall as the shower head so water flow would be minimal.

This is one of those I struggle to approve but If you used a stainless steel anchor/toggle bolt, and sealed the hole well it should be acceptable.
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You call it a hand rail but say it's not a grab bar. Then, what is it? If it's a light duty bar for holding a shower head then going into a stud isn't as important though if someone slips and grabs it you may have cracked grout joints or cracked tile. If it is a hand rail then it is a grab bar as they are both intended to be used for support and it should go into a stud, convenient or not.
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Unfortunately, where you want to locate a hand held shower bar is also where the plumbing is located behind the wall, so chances of a stud being present are slim. Although I have had to do remodels where I had to deal with a center stud. If you know the composition of the wall, that would help. Is it sheetrock with tile, is it cement board with tile, Kerdi, Wedi?

If you can open up the wall behind, you can add some material for attachment. You would also know where the pipes are so you don't drill through them.
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Do you need a slide bar for a reason, or just want to have a place to hang the hand held? Usually hand held showers have supplies that come out of a decorative elbow that exits the wall somewhere other than the traditional shower drop el location. This is where you hook the handheld supply to and then hand the head on the bar. They make handheld attachments that allow you to use the traditional shower arm for the hand help caddy.

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