Kitchen sink issue in condo

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Kitchen sink issue in condo

Hello all,

I'm having an issue with my kitchen sink and as the title says I live in a condo so I am somewhat limited in what I can do (can't go on the roof).

I started to notice it draining slow last week and started with some home remedies such as boiling water and baking soda/vinegar. Then moved onto a 25 foot auger/snake. ran that all the way and thought it went through something. Put everything back together and it looked to be working a bit better. I then did a full bottle of drano to hopefully clean out anything left behind.

However, the blockage is back!

From what I can tell, the blockage is quite a bit down there as I can run the water for a bit without issue but it gets up to the sink when you run it for a full minute or so. I can hear some slight gurgling. but nothing major.

My next step is to get a 50 foot auger this weekend and see if that works.

Any other advice?

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A common source of drips are shut-off valves with compression fittings that aren't as tight as they should be. The best way to tighten them is to hold the valve with one wrench while you turn the compression nut with another.
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Translunary, I think you responded to the wrong post. He has drain problem not a not a dripping faucet.

To the OP: Yes you have a clog of some sort. I might be the vent, but I think you would see problems on all sinks as would your neighbors. But a lot depends on the way the vent piping is designed for a multi family dwelling. Do any other water appliances (toilet, bath sink, tub) exhibit drain problems? Using chemical drain cleaners is useless. I agree a longer snake may help.

I'm not familiar with how a condo "ownership" works. What kind of responsibilities and or limitations does one have in a condo? How much work can you do without agreement from adjoining neighbors?

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