Sink connection: will this work?


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Sink connection: will this work?

I use to have a double sink, now we went down to a single. I dont have much extra piping to work with or I would cut it all out and start over. Can I just use the existing like I have in the picture and just cap the vent and drain of the other one?

This should be the correct air flow. Is it okay for that little bit of air to sit in the back pipes like that?

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Not sure if that is correct but a question.... Is that white PVC pipe going up the rooftop vent ?
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No that was black, I just had the white adapter in as a place holder.
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I do not know if this will work as I have never tried it.
I would be tempted to cut it at the TY at or just above where it slopes up for the upper fitting.
Then glue on a cap.

I think there should be enough space to glue one on.
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Looks like a mess to me, doesn't look like it ever met code. I'd like to see Mike (Lawrosa) comment on this one. All the ABS complicates issues because as far as I know, there is no cement approved to direct connect PVC and ABS pipes/fittings and ABS pipe/fittings are pretty hard to find these days.
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Thanks everyone. The vent is the pipe coming out of the wall, it runs to the roof. So it will be and always was vented. I was looking up that cement issue too and there are types of cement for it. But everything I read where you specifically had to use it was outside of the residence for things such as sewer pipes. I'm not even super concerned about the venting part with the cement because there is no way primer and cement wouldn't make a good seal for venting pipes. My only concern was capping the back pieces and have that air sitting in there. But I had someone come over and look at it and they said it wasn't best, but it works to cap them at them spots. The air will vent up, especially with the pipes higher than the portion that is capped.

Tricky part is all of the codes... sucks when things work perfectly fine, but doesn't meet some code. I get that they are there for safety, but some seem to be a little overkill...

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