Effective (and safe) Toilet Clog Remover Liquid Suggestions


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Effective (and safe) Toilet Clog Remover Liquid Suggestions


Looking for an effective and safe liquid product that I can
add to the toilet water to hopefully remove a partial block.

Liquid Plumber products all seem to say "not for toilets"

The "Green Gobbler" ones (do I have the name right ?) has many posts on Amazon
that it just does not work.

Any suggestions for a product that actually works and is safe for the system
and the person pouring it in would be most appreciated.

Again, should be safe for toilet, plumbing, and for our Septic System.

Thanks, really appreciate the help,
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Toilet clogs are not like sink clogs, no hair and grease, it's a physical blockage.

Best option, plunger, if that doesn't work a snake!
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There are no effective pour down the drain cleaners that work. Even worse drain cleaners are high toxic. I mechanically remove clogs with a plunger or drain/toilet snake.
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Dishwashing liquid can break up a small clog by softening the organic matter. Pour in a cupful and wait a couple of hours before flushing again. If you are concerned about an overflow, use a bucket to pour water into the bowl so you can stop before the bowl overflows.

Otherwise, plunger.
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And if you don't have a plunger, a fist works just as well. Don't laugh, I've seen it done.
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