Weird toilet.


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Weird toilet.

What I thought was just going to be the update of a toilet has turned into a two-part problem. Solving the first part I suppose would eliminate the second part. I bought a one-piece toilet because I liked how it looked, it's just very plain and sleek with very few lines. Now that I have it here I realize I'm not sure how to get at the floor bolts. I see lots of manufacturers make toilets like this now, but it doesn't seem like people are complaining about an inability to install them, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to tighten the floor bolts once this thing is down. In the image I'm attaching you can see the back has a flat part that's supposed to go against the wall and then at the floor there might be a Max of three or four inches to get around, I doubt it's enough for me to get a hand in there and tighten the bolts.
I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a fernco wax free seal that plunges an extension down into the drain, and then he said to just seal the toilet Edge down around the floor. Do people install toilets this way? The fernco product seems fairly reliable from what I saw. That said, this toilet also has a 14-in rough in option which I've never seen before. I'm not sure if the other rough in would interfere with the seal on the fernco product, and even if it didn't it's not going to allow a perfectly even sealed down onto the floor drain, correct?
I used to be a rental property owner, and I've probably replaced over 40 toilets and never once had an issue. I bought this one on a whim because I liked its appearance and it's even from a local manufacturer, but it seems like it's being more of a pain in the butt than it will be the relief of one.

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It sounds like they want you to just rely on the weight of the toilet and the caulk to hold it in place.

I've had mixed but mostly bad luck with those type of toilet seals. They work best on a brand new toilet that has never had a wax ring installed and the protruding rubber bit helps guide you to hit the toilet flange but you can't bump it hard without knocking the Fernco loose. It helps if you can stick the Fernco on a day or so before you intend to set the toilet. This seemed (in my experience) to let it's adhesive set up a bit for a stronger bond.

Have you measured the distance between the hold down bolt locations? Does it match up with a N. American toilet flange? From the photos the holes look a bit far apart.
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Yes, everything lines up as it should. It certainly does weigh a lot, and this is for a remodel of my master ensuite so it's not like it's going to take much abuse, but I'd still like to put it in properly and then never worry about it again.
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Looking at the bottom of the toilet It looks like it has already been installed once.
If this is so then alarm bells would go off for me as to why it was uninstalled !!!!

What is the make and model perhaps someone has more info on it?
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