What is this on my sink? How do I make sure it doesn't happen again


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What is this on my sink? How do I make sure it doesn't happen again

So I always had a permanent dark mark on the surface of my sink. Would stay there no matter how much I cleaned the sink. Ignored it and now it's gotten worst. As in the surface of the sink has holes on it and it will probably need replacing. Got a couple of questions about this I'm hoping someone on the website can answer.

Like for instance what is this even?
Also how do I prevent it from happening again when I get a new sink?
Finally any tips when buying a new sink to replace this one?

I've attached pictures of it to this post. Any feedback given is greatly appreciated.


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Looks to me like the surface has worn off, rather than a stain.
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It's hard to tell what type of sink that is. It looks like porcelain/steel.
As mentioned that spot is the finish (porcelain) rubbed off.

There are many quality sinks available. Start by measuring the LxWxD of your sink and check at the home improvement stores. Expect to pay $200+ for a good sink. It may be time to replace the faucet too.
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I agree that it looks like an enameled cast iron sink that has worn through. If replacing the sink isn't in your budget you can buy repair kits. I have had good success repairing chips with them but have never tried repairing a worn area. Just google enamel sink repair kit.
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So the obvious question, how old is the sink??
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Your sink is nearing the end of it's life. You and many people before you have worn through the enamel coating and the dark you see is the cast iron(steel) underneath. You can have the sink "re-enameled" which is really just fancy paint. It's good for a couple years if you are very careful but I have seen nicks scratches soon after re-coating. Replacing the sink is another option. Your old sink can soldier on for another couple decades but she won't be pretty. Or, you can trade her in for something new and shiny. In the end, the sink you have now will outlast a new one but the enamel will continue to get thinner with use and the dark area will get bigger.

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