slow draining issue/gurgling


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slow draining issue/gurgling

Hi all,
Have an issue with a slow drain but here is the background/layout and a photo. The vertical pipe on the right goes directly up to the kitchen sink drain.There is the 45 cleanout and the tee below goes to the stationary tubs that the washer drains into. I am assuming the pipe on left is the vent to roof as no other plumbing above. Had to get the line snaked out in the floor a couple years ago. Been slowing down over last few months and finally last night the tubs downstairs would not drain. Pulled it apart under the tubs and that piping was all clear. I pulled the cleanout plug off and the water was right there. I went to home depot and bought a 25' hand snake and attached the drill. I ran all 25' in the floor and cleaned it out pretty good. All the bathroom stuff goes to a 4" or so main in the middle of the basement so I am assuming this 2" must go into the 4" somewhere. Anyways after cleaning it out i kept the cleanout cap off and noticed the following. I plugged the stationary tub and let it fill with about 10 gallons of water. I pulled the plug and watched the cleanout. it didn't take long for the water level to reach the top of cleanout but it didn't overflow and all the water drained pretty quick. I would expect if the drain pipe was clear it shouldnt back up at all to the cleanout. I put the cap back on the cleanout which it isnt a good fit as it is stripped out and basically just sets on there. We proceeded to do a load of wash which empties a good amount of water after each rinse and it flows pretty fast now but when it is almost empty you hear gurgling sounds up through the sink in kitchen which lasts a 10 seconds or so. This gurgling has been going on for years even though the line has been running decent..Also, in photo you can see a 4" cap in the floor that looks like it used to be a drain. I have only owned the house for 5 years so unknown what it is. Last time I had plumber snake he pulled the cap off and it was completely filled with water. he tried to run his snake through and when he snaked it started bubbling up out of there so he stopped and put cap back on. I have never had any water come out of this and he had no idea what it would be. Other than this, no other drain issue with tub/toilet or bath sink.. Any thoughts on what this 4' would be. Thx a bunch

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