Need bathroom sink strainer with big holes

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Need bathroom sink strainer with big holes

I don't care about catching hair or anything small. I just once had a gold crown pop out while flossing and I was lucky to grab it before it went to crown hell. Any strainer I've used has slowed down the drain to the point of being unusable. My bathroom sink drain is 1 & 1/2 inches diameter. These were the biggest holes I could find. (1/8") And all kinds of people are complaining about the water draining being too slow with them. Eg.

I'm open to unorthodox solutions.

Thank you
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There really are no strainers for bathroom sinks since most use pop-up stoppers which prevent the use of a strainer. You could buy a strainer like you linked and put it in the sink upside down if there is room. Anything is going to slow the flow of water so there is a price to pay.

Luckily, sinks have a trap located immediately below them. If you loose something down the drain it's usually caught in the trap and not lost forever. Traps with slip couplings and hand tightened nuts are easy to remove for cleaning & retrieval of lost items. If you have a glued or threaded in place trap it might be worth converting to something easier to remove if you drop things down the sink often enough.
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Check out the SinkShroom
SinkShroom (Chrome Edition) The Hair Catcher That Prevents Clogged Bat (

I use it for the bathtub and it's the best plumbing option around.

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