Flapper wont stay open

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Angry Flapper wont stay open

I recently purchased a valve repair kit for my old toilet. Install went smoothly, but the flapper will not remain open while the water is trying to drain unless I hold the handle waiting for the water to flush. I dont know what the solution is. Any help/advice is appreciated.
very frustrating

thank you
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Adjust the chain to be shorter so the flapper opens almost 90 degrees but not so much that it stays in that position after the water level in the tank decreases. Also a quick push on the handle rather than a slow one can flip the flapper enough for a flush.

The key is the amount of water let into the bowl for a flush. Usually the flapper will close when there is still a couple of inches or more of water in the tank.
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I agree with 2john. I've had that problem and shortening the chain did the trick.
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In general you should have very little slack in the chain once the flapper is shut.

Too much slack and the chain weighs the flapper down, shutting it prematurely. Replacement flush handles can also sometimes mess with the flapper. If the arms are shorter than the OEM ones, they don't fully lift the flapper vertical.

And then some toilets are designed to have OEM flappers with Styrofoam floats on the chain.
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You did not say what toilet you have so we can't say if you've got the proper replacement. Most can be made to work but changing to a different type flapper will change how the toilet flushes.

Most modern toilets are designed to NOT drain all the water from the tank. They use a quick surge of water to do a quick, efficient flush. Holding the handle down to drain all the water from the tank will increase their water consumption.

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