Travelers' Century Club


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Travelers' Century Club

Has anyone on this board made the Travelers' Century Club, Visiting 100 countries?

Here is a link to the Travelers Century Club. On thier webpage they have a page listing what it considers countries. To count as a country it can be politically separate or geographically separate to qualify. So, the United States can count as three: mainland US, Alaska and Hawaii. They have 319 on the list for 2009.

I'm only up to 25.
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49 if I'm counting correctly....

Oh, it does count if my wonderful Uncle S requested my presence in most of them, doesn't it?
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22, and I thought I was pretty well traveled. Beer 4U2

They all count, but if you're restricted to ship while in port it doesn't count, Guns, so I figure you've probably got a dozen or so.
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40 for me so far. The new list may increase it slightly, especially if Russia is broken down the "independent" oblasts/provinces.

How about multiple visits (about 10 to each Russia and India) and is there bonus for the rarely visited places like Lithuania , Latvia, Mongolia, Andorra or Nepal.

Someday, I will visit England as soon as the Liz invites me - no real burning interest. I enjoy travel so much that I should have married a travel agent.

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With multiple visits I would be up to about 50.

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