Passport change of address


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Passport change of address

I have had a passport card for a few years now but never used it. I have moved within the year and was wondering if i need to update my address. I don't belong to any boarder crossing programs like nexus,goes etc. i searched google but all i found was stuff on green cards.
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I would think yes. Everything else needs to be updated when someone moves, so I'd imagine this would too, and maybe more so since the purpose is to know who you are and where you're from.
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Don't think you need to...matter of fact passports and passport cards don't even have the address printed on them. I think even the Gov knows people will move...
Change or Correct Passport

No method of updating just an address...

You have to remember...a passport is for identifying you physically and your legal citizenship status when traveling outside or back into the country. It is not actually a form of identification per se (is that the right term?). I've heard that a passport is not a valid ID for things like check cashing, traffic stops, etc.

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Here is the Official information you want: Change or Correct Passport

Bottom line: Address changes do NOT necessitate renewing your passport or passport card. However, I would carry a government issued photo id (Driver's license, etc.) showing my current address.
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Oh, and I found that by entering "passport card" for a google search then following the links on the website.

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