Medical while traveling


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Medical while traveling

I was just watching a Rick Steves travel show and he explained the value of a hotel for medical assistance. He explained that it can be much easier and cheaper to get a doctor instead of for going to a clinic.

I was in India (Chennai/Madras) and relized that my prescriptions were omitted from my bag while packing, but I had my 2 day set with me that was then gone.

I was at a Days Inn and asked the front desk about a doctor for prescription refill and they said they would contact one and asked where I would be before I got back to my room. I said I was going to the bar and then to a restautant for dinner.

About 10 minutes later a doctor can up to me in the bar and asked what I needed. I remembered the blood pressure medine and water pills and the malaria pills. He took my blood pressure, had me jump up and down and bend over and then tested again (in the bar). He also looked at my eays and ears. He then wrote out a prescription for the waiter. About 10 minutes later, the prescriptions arrived, he looked them over and took one and told the delivery person it was not right and it had to be replaced, which took about 5 minutes later.

There was no cost for the doctor and the prescriptions for two months were identical to mine from the U.S. (same foil wrapper and manufacturer -Merck), but were about 1/4 the price. They were just added to my bill. It was cheaper than using my health plan in the U.S. - Now I understand why there are so many people going to India for 3-5 day stay at one of the resort hotels/hospitals for high tech cardiac and cosmetic surgery by doctors experienced in the U.S. using high tech equipment. Even a 2 room suite is surprisingly reasonable and may be on a beach for free time and recovery.

It pays to ask the front desk unless you are in a western Europe 4 or 5 star hotel where surcharges are exponential.

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Very good idea. Thank you. I have never asked the front desk or hotel staff for help. I will have to keep that in mind. I'm sure it will eventually come in handy.
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I'd have to say that depends greatly on your status as a guest, as well as the country you are staying in. You guys are probably both double diamond, platinum, uranium, etc, etc, travelers.

Always worth checking into though.....
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This was in India and it was a Days Inn and not a 4 or 5 star hotel.

There are so many knowledgable people there that very, very few drugs require a prescription. I mentioned the occurance to an Indian friend and he knew the drug for blood pressure and he then asked the strength and then he recited the time to take the pills and the side effects. He was just a guy running a concrete block plant and not a doctor by any means, but people like that are very common in India. - I just wanted a doctor to maked everything proper, but may have wasted my time since my friend had a digital blood pressure tester in the desk drawer. $60 per night in a 7 story hotel with 3 different restaurants and great service at 1/4 or 1/5 the price of one of the premium hotels.

In the premium hotels they have the facial recognition video camera at the entrances and tied into the computer system so by the time you get to the desk for your key, the clerk welcomes you by name and hands you your room key. - It really is un-nerving when you check in initially and and they ask if you want the same meal you got from room service awhen checking in 4 months earlier in a different city. I like to know I can get good service, but they are too dedicated and perfect about it (and don't expect tips).

After thinking about it, I really was not surprised knowing the Indian attitude, talents and technology. - They just don't have freeways yet because train system works so well. The develpment explosion has been going on for 10 years, but they refuse to export products to the U.S. for some reason.
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