need firmer cushions

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need firmer cushions

I am trying to replace cushions for both the sofa and loveseat to make it more firm. I am not really concerned with the fabric since I am going to use slipcover when I am done. I need help with identifying materials required to do this job and I am sure foam and fabric are essential. Anything else ? anytype of glue? Will I get the extra firmness that I am looking for from foam ? should I need to layer it with some other material to give more firmness? Any resources such as other websites etc will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.
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i think a lot of it will depend on the interior structure of your seat bases. are the springs shot? if so, you could put plywood on the deck, under the new firmer cushions. that'll firm it up.
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Originally Posted by Annette
i think a lot of it will depend on the interior structure of your seat bases.
Very true
rsthomas, what type of sofa (frame really), and seat cushion support are there now? Coils, flat springs, straps, slats...?
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Besides the questions asked by Annette and Slishift, do you have any idea of the age of the current foam? I assume it is a solid foam and not crushed foam or other material. If you look at the bottom of the couch do the springs seem to be relaxing (for lack of a better word, it is not a technical word that I have heard before) out the bottom, it should look relatively flat if they are coil springs. A solution to that would be to get 4 inch wide webbing, be sure you get seat webbing and not back webbing, they are color coded (Red and Blue) I forget which is seat, I think blue, get a webbing stretcher (a wooden tool with nails sticking out one side) and weave the bottom like it is currently done (if you currently have coil springs). If it is no-sag springs, they look zig-zag the webbing won't help, more info on your couch would be helpful. If you are replacing the foam to a firmer foam, I would suggest going to a real upholstery supplier and not a fabric shop like Ragshop, I don't think, in my opinion, fabric stores like Ragshop have great foam You are looking for a loaded foam, a seat foam and they come in different densities. I think they go by different standards, I know them by a number like 3036, I am not sure what the number stands for but I think it is something like in the case of 3036, 36pounds of weight compress a square foot of foam a certain amount but don't hold me to that explaination, I am relying on an old memory and honestly, I forgot what the numbers mean. The foam will not be cheap. That should help, if you want to go overboard, I like doing that I would get a core of firm foam and glue a medium 1 inch foam over the firm or maybe a softer foam over the core but that is simply just for esthetics and to soften the feel and look of a firm foam, also wrap the foam in dacron, depending on the dacron, if it's bonded (stiff) glue it and sew it on the edges or if it's soft and wrapped in light fabric, sew it, this process is also just for the final look. But simply getting a firmer, loaded foam and wrapping in dacron should be fine. Mostly try to post more info on the couch.

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