Wing back chair Reupholster? Experience, Cost and Advise?

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Wing back chair Reupholster? Experience, Cost and Advise?

So I have had this older wingback chair. It's been in storage so it would most definitely need a makeover. I am going to go to one of the only local folks in town that reupholster and look at materials. I was looking for anyone that has gone through this ordeal. What should I be made aware of? IE did you have anything that you may have overlooked or wish you knew in advance? Pros and Cons thx
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Is it a much older, quality chair from long past? The new ones that are made today are junk and often expensive. If it's an older one that you really like, then it's worth the money. It will be very expensive, probably more than buying a new one. It's a lot of work and the more experienced the upholsterer is, the more it will cost. It'll look brand new with new innards and the fabric will be pricey. I would ask to see pics of their work. The pros will be that you have a good, quality chair that will last for years and years. The cons would be the price, but it depends what's important to you. Some people like to change out their decor every couple of years. If this is you, then I'd just buy a new one.
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Go NOW. Do NOT wait. People who do reupholstering are a dying breed. My town recently lost the last person doing it so do it while you can.

Reupholstering is expensive as Shadeladie mentioned. It is only worthwhile on quality/premium pieces or ones having sentimental value. It can cost as much or more than new furniture of average to poor quality. The last we had done was a chair and ottoman, both skirted and it was about $800 and that was for average+ quality work. It was very good work but you can get better but the price curve gets rather steep if you desire bespoke quality.
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A friend of mine had dining room chairs re-caned approx 15 years ago.
Cane (like lacing) is used in place of a solid seat and back.
It's all hand done intricate work.
He had eight chairs done and I believe back then it was $200+ per chair.
Some need to be redone. The same company is still around but the price has more than doubled.

This example has a caned back only. His backs and seats are both done.

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