USPS & a lost or misplaced package


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USPS & a lost or misplaced package

I ordered an item through Amazon Sunday 6/26 & the estimated time of arrival was anytime between Thursday 6/30 & Tuesday 7/5. I usually track my packages as I did this one. I checked Tuesday & it was on its way from Jackson, Ms in route to Monroe, La via UPS. So, I still figured it wouldn't get delivered at the house until at least Thursday, maybe Friday but I still figured since it was regular mail/delivery, possibly Saturday. Not too worried about it.

But, Wednesday night about 8 pm, I checked the tracking while sitting at the computer & it said it had been delivered & was "left in the carport". I figure that's just a generic box they check when delivering because the carport isn't enclosed, so technically there is no "inside" to the carport. It's an open carport, not a garage.

Anyway, I go outside & check all over the carport area &...... no package. So, my wife went out & she searched.... still, no package. We looked in, around & under everything.

So, in researching it more, I find that UPS delivered the package to the USPS for delivery. We went through every possible scenario & the only thing we can figure is, they mistakenly delivered it to the wrong address.
Just FYI, the address in all of the confirmations from Amazon is showing the correct address.

I called the USPS today & talked to the route supervisor & be basically, washed his hands of it stating that my tracking info indicated it had been delivered as "left in carport" & that was all they were required to do.

After we talked a bit, he said he would call the route driver & ask if he knew anything & what may have happened, & he would call me back.
That was about 10:30 this morning & as I expected, no phone call from him by nearly 6 pm.

My question, what recourse do I have at this point? Obviously I cant prove he didn't leave it.... but with two small dogs that hear everything & mother in law was here cooking dinner at 4:18 pm (when it was supposedly left "in the carport") I doubt he dropped it here. If anyone had come in the driveway or under the carport, those dogs would have let her know. You'd have thought it was the end of the world to those dogs.

I say he left it at the wrong address but it could have been nearby or across town. I have checked with one neighbor but not all. You would hope that a neighbor would see the address on the package & bring it over. I mean, its not like they would need a DJ mixer.

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Contact Amazon and say you never received it. Do they have proof of delivery? Is it signed for? Stop payment or go the route of disputed purchase.
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I don't know too much about this, but the post office is delivering some UPS shipments now.
I just received a UPS the other day and the mail carrier made a special trip to deliver that box only.

I would imagine it's like any other UPS shipment that's lost, the company should replace it.
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There's a "return or replace item" next to your order. Just click on that to report it missing.
However, you might want to wait another day or two. I've had packages delivered to the wrong address a couple of times, and some people will just call the post office and have them pick it up to redeliver because they're too lazy to walk it to the right house.
So, I've had it come a couple of days later because of that.
But, if you report it to Amazon, they'll be able to take it up with the post office. Generally, it's the shipper that has to contact them about lost orders, not the buyer.
I've always found Amazon will make good regardless.
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Not that I have problems with errant deliveries, to the extent our mail carrier will call my cell phone to find out where I am working so he can deliver stuff rather than going up our driveway. My problem comes with UPS and especially DHL delivering packages destined for delivery today to the Post Office, making that delivery a day or so later, depending on when they transfer it. I think DHL employs sea turtles as drivers, anyway. They can't track packages and forbid they don't make that transfer to the PO. It'll never get here.
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Mail Innovations, the private/public shipping service between UPS or FedEx and the USPS is the absolute worst when it comes to tracking. Neither will accept any blame for lost packages, always stating that the problem is not one they can control. The ONLY positive about the service is the slightly lower cost.

I have had packages that were entirely within the USPS system "disappear" for literally weeks. USPS will insist that they delivered the package to the parcel locker and yet I did not find it. This is more common when multiple packages are supposedly delivered. Complaining via the normal means will rarely get any action and even getting the shipper involved will often just get you on a merry-go-round of he said / she said. I had one package the P.O. insisted had been delivered and the shipper kept asking me to check with my local post office. I finally found an Internet site that was for reporting cases of mail fraud and after detailing the problem, stating the the USPS had stolen my package, a few days later it mysteriously showed up on my doorstep. Maybe it had fallen under the seat of the USPS delivery truck or something, I don't know, but it was eventually delivered. Maybe it would have eventually been delivered without my claim of fraud but I kind of doubt it.
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Dixie 2012 what you are dealing with is what they call UPS Smart Post only I call it dumb post because it always takes longer to get your package that way. Also as you have experienced when a package is handed over to USPS it sometimes gets lost and then the two carriers blame each other and you don't get your package. There is a solution to that though you can use UPS My Choice and pay a small fee to have only UPS handle your package and not hand it over to USPS. I have done that myself a few times for very important packages.
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Mystery solved.

I called USPS yesterday & talked with the route supervisor & he was supposed to investigate & get back with me. As of about 11:30 today, he had not so I called back & got a different supervisor. He asked for the tracking number & I told him I was informed that the UPS number wouldn't do you any good. His response was, "most of the time we can cross reference". So, he did & come to find out, despite what the UPS tracking info said, they never handed it off to USPS.

He suggested I call UPS. Instead of calling, I drove to the UPS facility here in Monroe. I gave them the tracking number & they said it was delivered. I asked if they had the GPS location of where they delivered it? She got the GPS location (which is stored from the little handheld computer) when it is scanned at the delivery address. She looked up the GPS co-ordinance & it was delivered to house number 740.... not 748. Four houses down. They printed out the info, I took that to house number 740 & it was right under the carport where the UPS driver left it.

Now, how in the heck did it get into the tracking system that they handed it off to the USPS at 4:13 am on Wednesday, then delivered at 4:18 pm Wednesday (by UPS)?
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Now, how in the heck did it get into the tracking system that they handed it off to the USPS at 4:13 am on Wednesday, then delivered at 4:18 pm Wednesday (by UPS)?
With a UPS USPS hand off or what is supposed to be one anything is possible. A while back I was buying old clocks online and in this case it wasn't UPS or USPS but it was FEDEX and they lost my package. Where was my package about the same place yours was a few houses down and finally delivered to my house by FEDEX. Unfortunately all carriers have their times when they goof up and sometimes big time.

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